Friday, September 28, 2007

Here it is!

Here is the new "Lost" video in it's entirety...

Oh and a few other things:
  • I hope that there will be a new baby arriving very soon (like this weekend!)
  • Anyone want to guess whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, and how much he/she will weigh? The winning guess gets to name the baby. (ha ha ha)
  • Don't forget to tune into Glen Beck tonight.
  • Last night's season premier of The Office was so stinkin hilarious, and hit a little too close to home with the chaffed nipples scene. (Danyelle & Ryan? Were you laughing as hard as Brandon and I were?)
  • Cd's are in the mail today, finally! Hope you enjoy them!
  • Lindsay and Karen! Are you reading this? I need you to e-mail me your new addresses, or else I will continue holding your lovely music hostage.
  • Have a great weekend!