Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Freedom is a wheel in your sole?

The new rage in our household is Heelys. You know, the shoe with a wheel in the sole. It has been constant sounds of loud, heavy footsteps and rolling. rolling. rolling. Madeline, Jocelyn, and Ethan each have a pair. My home has turned into the rollerina. This is what I came home to last night...

Ethan is still trying to get the hang of Heel-ing, so in an attempt to avoid bumps and bruises, his sisters stuffed his pajamas with pillows. He looked like a ball with sticks for legs. I came home and they were all laughing hysterically, as he posed and posed for the camera.

I don't mind the shoes for boys, but I personally think they are hideous as girl shoes. They are so big and Run DMC like.


(Madeline's, except hers have pink and black checkered shoe laces)

Why can't they make these look more feminine? And quieter? Despite what my children think, this isn't why I chose hardwood floors for my house.