Friday, September 14, 2007

50 Reasons why...

...I love my Mom.

1. She makes 50 look amazing.

2. She really loves her grandchildren, deep in her heart.

3. She makes the most amazing dinners.

4. She has taught me how to decorate my home. Hers is so cozy and beautiful.

5. "She gives us awesome birthday gifts." (says Madeline)

6. She is eccentric. (I mean that in the nicest way.)

7. She grows gorgeous flowers.

8. She loves and understands my Dad.

9. She takes care of her family.

10. She invites her grandchildren to spend the night.

11. She doesn't freak out if someone spills something on her floors.

12. She is a hard worker.

13. She loves music, almost as much as me.

14. She is a deep thinker.

15. She loves to read her scriptures.

16. She is an excellent teacher, I wish I could attend her Relief Society lessons.

17. She takes risks.

18. She is not judgemental.

19. She makes new friends and keeps the old ones.

20. She likes to discipline by making her children write a thesis. (ha ha ha)

21. "She lets us swim in her pool" (says Jocelyn)

22. She has great taste in clothes and jewelry.

23. She gives me things, and I treasure them.

24. She never turns down an opportunity to babysit her grandchildren, unless she really is busy, but she will even cancel things in order to babysit. Seriously, we are so lucky to have you Mom.

25. She loves Hawaii, it is in her soul.

26. She used to be a model.

27. She can turn a piece of junk into a treasure.

28. She loves the ocean.

29. She likes to go to concerts.

30. She is a model employee, almost to a fault.

31. She is loyal.

32. She has great hair.

33. "She has a lot of mounts (taxidermy) in her house." (says Ethan)

34. She knows how to make a house feel like a home.

35. She loves unconditionally.

36. She loves the Savior.

37. She realizes when she is wrong.

38. She loves to have her family around her.

39. She is not competitive, but expects highly of herself.

40. She overcomes trials with strength and courage.

41. She has a very special bond with Madeline, and I am grateful for that.

42. She isn't afraid of spiders.

43. She cries at commercials, or just about anything touching.

44. She is grateful and generous.

45. She is opinionated.

46. She suffers with bad health, but still endures and smiles.

47. She gives good advice.

48. "She lets me have a lot of popsicles." (says Lily)

49. She drives a convertible.

50. She lives her life with integrity and is an example to me and my entire family.

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!