Thursday, August 16, 2007


I have discovered a couple of new musicians that deserve some attention. The first is Brendan James, I am amazed by his voice every time I listen to him. The first song on my playlist is his, and it is great, but my favorite song by him is "The Other Side", and you can listen to the full length version at his MySpace page. Check him out. Then download his new EP album on iTunes, only $3.96 for 4 songs.

Next is the free download this week at iTunes. A Fine Frenzy (Seattle native Alison Sudol) has an amazing sound. I've been listening to her for a while now and I love her voice and the whispery but strong vocals she gives. The free download is called "You Picked Me", but much of her music is great and I especially like "Almost Lover" which is the second song on my playlist. Give it a listen, and then get it for free.

Enjoy the music!