Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Madeline!

Madeline's 12th birthday was on Thursday, and due to a very busy family reunion schedule, I have not had time to dedicate a post to her. And she deserves one. So a few days late will have to do.

Madeline was born on August 9th. That seems like such a long time ago and yet it seems like just the other day. She was a BEAUTIFUL baby with a full head of dark dark dark hair. She was a spitting image of her father, or in other words she was soooo cute. She was a perfect baby, rarely fussing, sleeping through the night very early on. She spoiled me and we spoiled her (actually grammy Tami spoiled her, alot. Actually she still does.)

As Madeline reached crawling age, she became very mischievious. She would crawl as fast as she could to the houseplants and fish out as much dirt as she could before I could get to her and then she would just sit there looking very pleased with herself and with this adorable grin on her face. How could you get mad at her? She was SO cute.

She had her birthday party with friends last week and on her birthday she had the opportunity to go to the temple to do baptisms, and then yesterday was her first day in Young Women's. Today she is leaving with the YW's for a 4-day camping trip. I just can't hardly believe that she is so grown up, and ready to be a Young Woman. I asked her to answer a few questions about herelf, so here's her answers...

What is your favorite color?


What is your worst habit?

Biting my nails

(Seriously, how do I get her to stop doing this? I've tried everything, I think.)

Favorite Movie?

The Little Princess

(story: I took her to see this a few years ago at the free summer movie program and she cried so hard at the very sad part that people in the theater were getting mad. She is a very sensitive girl.)

Favorite song?

Lost by Michael Buble

(Of course it's Michael Buble, after all, she got to meet him last year.)

Favorite flavor of ice-cream?

Maggie Moo's Chocolate Better Batter with brownie chunks

What makes you angry?

When Lily get's into my stuff

Favorite Food?

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

One word that describes her:


I love you Madeline!