Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Etsy Week - Green

I am very very drawn to green, especially lately. So as I was browsing my Etsy favorites, I couldn't believe how many green things I had bookmarked. Too many to post individually, so I did some groupings this time. I will provide the links below each grouping, that way you can browse the artists sites for yourself.

One thing I haven't mentioned in talking up Etsy is the amazing prices. You really can get some great deals on amazing artwork. Original artwork, direct from the artist. Why shop anywhere else? I have purchased a few things on Etsy and have not been disappointed.

Today's picks in

(Beautiful ceramic bowl set - $30.00)

(So cute Ginkgo hairpins - $12.00)

(Custom Monogram Coasters - These would make a great housewarming gift - $12.00)

There are so many great children's items...

(Top left going clockwise: Diaper pad and bib set - $38.00,

Peasant Top - $19.00, Fabric Baby Blocks - $20.00,

Flapper Beanie - $20.00)

(Signed and dated original artwork - $25.00)

(The cutest earrings I've ever seen, they are called "Flirty Verdigris" - $22.00)

(Great pillows, in lots of colors and designs - $28.00 per pillow)

(This painting was made for my home, I am sure of it - $25.00)

Can you tell I love jewelry? I really really do. All of these pendants just make me smile.

(Top left going clockwise:

Fused glass and copper pendant - $40.00,

Butterfly pendant - $10.00, Girly Green Pendant - Sadly, sold out, Green paisley necklace - $35.00)

(Yes, it's that artist again, isn't it crazy beautiful? - $13.00)

(Vintage fabric bag with vintage brooch - $43.00)

Okay, this one isn't cheap, but it is amazing.

(Nesting Bowl Set - $130.00)

Well, there's only two days left in Etsy week, but I have a lot more to show you.