Friday, August 24, 2007

Etsy Week - Blue

It is the final day of Etsy week, but I am taking Tiffani's suggestion and will add an Etsy day every now and then. Browsing Etsy really inpires me, like nothing else does. To see the array of talents and the creativity that these artists possess, makes me want to learn new ways to create. I am thrilled that you have enjoyed these posts and that some of you are just discovering Etsy for yourself.

Today's picks are


This artist inspires me to want to try painting.

This was one of the first things I ever found on Etsy that I loved. I still love it. A lot.

(Globe Ring)

Birds seem to be VERY popular with artists.

Read this artists info on how she designs and creates pillows like this one.

This is the art of fused glass, and this artist is from Spokane. I also would love to take a class on this.

Creating pottery pieces like this would be so fun. The artist gives details about the process here as well.

These leather cuffs are so cool.

I love how this artist explains his inspiration.

This artist provides great info on these gorgeous wool brooches.

Beautiful patterns inspire me to create more with fabric.

This process called letterpress is the art my heart most desires to learn. I'll probably need to go back to school in order to really learn it. Someday.

Have a beautiful weekend, and go create something.