Thursday, July 19, 2007

Only great music could wake me from my blogging slumber...

This weeks free download at iTunes is a great one. Colbie Caillat is new to me, but apparently she's been on the music scene for several months now. If you like Jack Johnson, then me thinks you will like her music. It has that California "beachy vibe" going on...and it's great summer music, so check it out.

Her single "Bubbly" is the free download but you can get her entire album for only $7.99. That's 13 songs, only 61 cents per song. A stinkin' good deal and she has a lot of good songs on there. Here's my favorites...

  • Older (that's what you're listening to!)
  • The Little Things
  • Magic
  • Battle
  • Realize
  • Feelings Show
  • Tied Down
  • Capri

Now back to my blogging slumber.........