Friday, June 15, 2007


I love suggestions. Especially when they are given in friendly, non-threatening ways. For example, Danyelle suggested that I donate a box or two of popsicles to my dear Mother, after all, Danyelle said, Lily eats like twenty at a time.

She is right. Mom, I have three boxes of popsicles for you.

Kim also made a friendly suggestion. She said...

"I just wanted to make a FRIENDLY suggestion. You always pick the GREATEST music for your posts. I especially love the one you picked today. (Is it also on the movie Notting Hill?) The only negative thing about it is that when we click on the link to post a comment, the music disappears! I would love to hear the whole song while I'm typing out the comment and a way to do that is changing it so your comments appear in a pop-up window. I'm all about the music. I'm not trying to tell you how to run your blog. Just an idea! Thanks!"

Great suggestion Kim. My comments are now pop-up windows. And yes, that song is from Notting Hill, which is an amazing soundtrack by the way. Today's song is also from a soundtrack. Have you seen Step Up? This song is from that movie, and I LOVE IT!

Now, occasionally, I have friendly, non-threatening suggestions to make as well. Today is one of those days. This was my experience yesterday.

I pulled into the post office parking lot at 4:42pm, and grumbled about how many cars were in the parking lot. I knew I would have to wait in line for a long time. That is okay, I can deal with long lines. What I cannot deal with is being the 3oth person in line (along with Lily) directly in front of postal customers #31 who are drunk. This couple, covered in tattoos, were so loud, smelly, obnoxious, and too affectionate for such a public place. The husband/boyfriend? was so drunk, he was cursing every other word, complaining, teasing his wife/girlfriend?, making out with her, causing a scene and I had to stand right in front of him. Lily heard numerous swear words and I just wanted to punch the guy.

In situations like that, I have this inner struggle. On the one hand, I want to turn around and tell him that I think he is acting childish and that he should just keep his mouth shut if he can't speak like an adult. On the other hand, I keep asking myself what would Christ do? He wouldn't hate this man.

But seriously, drunk at 4:45pm on a Thursday? Get a life. He was like 40 years old and just kept saying that he would have brought a couple of beers with him if he had known he was going to have to wait for so long. Then he would curse. Then he would make out with his "friend". Then he would make fun of the post office employees because they were taking so long. Then he would curse. Then he would say he needed a couple of beers. This went on for over 30 minutes. Drunk people are VERY LOUD! and ANNOYING!

So my friendly, non-threatening suggestion is...DO NOT GO TO THE POST OFFICE AFTER 4:45pm. It will only end in frustration and disgust.

Okay, maybe that was a little threatening.