Monday, June 11, 2007

Passionista Turns 100!

Attention: Due to a very busy Tuesday (I am spending the entire day at Cub Scout Day Camp), I am extending the contest another 24 hours and will announce the winner Wednesday morning. 12am Wednesday is now the deadline.

100 posts. I have had a blast blogging these past few months, and it has given me the opportunity to write about my life, and my loves. I've met new people, learned new things, and I think I've gotten to know myself a little better. It's been like going to therapy, only cheaper. Free, actually.

I look forward to another 100 posts. Hope you do too.

Here is the Passionista in numbers...

  • 137 days ago I started this blog.

  • 117 days ago I added music to my blog. There's been music here every day since.

  • 62 musicians have been featured as the Song Of The Day.

  • 80 songs have played (That is equal to 4 CD's, and over 5 hours of music.)

  • There have been 10,262 hits on my blog since I installed a stat-counter in February.

One of my favorite things about blogging is adding new music each day. Most of the time I just play whatever I'm in the mood to hear.

Have you enjoyed the music?

Would you like to own the music?

If you answered yes, then comment on this post and you could win the 4 CD's. Plus, I am including 5 vintage wallpaper coasters and a pack of homemade cards. So that's the giveaway! You need only enter once (please be sure to include your name, any anonymous comments will be discarded) and you have until 12:00am Tuesday, June 12th. Good Luck!