Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Drumroll please...

I am sorry about the days delay, but I needed to do my motherly duties and help at cub scout day camp. It was a beautiful day, 80 degrees. But somehow, I managed to get sunburnt, and now I look like a lobster. My arms are beet red and they HURT! Why didn't I put sunscreen on? Momentary brain failure apparently. So stupid. Anyways, I know you all are here for only one thing. The winner.


Lindsay does not have a blog, but she is a faithful blog reader. Her name came out first!

I was curious whose name would come out next, and it was C JANE. She will receive a 2nd place prize.

I am too curious a person to not find out who would take third place, so I pulled out one more name and it was Danyelle (who is back from hiatus, hallelujah!). She will receive a third place prize.

Congratulations ladies. There is no 4th place prize, but I just couldn't help seeing who would be next, and it was none other than Oh Me Oh Myers Giveaway winner "Alicia".

I will be delivering the prizes tomorrow, (C Jane, I would love to come visit, but I will have to ship it. Could you please e-mail me your location information?)

Thanks for being regular readers here and have a beautiful (but breezy) day!