Friday, June 1, 2007

Auction! Auction! Auction!

I did not have time to take pictures of some of the homemade items so I will just list some for you to read about.

  • Quilts- there are several homemade quilts made by several people.

  • Baby headbands made by Natasha . Possibly the cutest things I've ever seen in my entire life. Seriously adorable!

  • Refinished furniture by Nan and Danyelle

  • Homemade bread baskets by Paula and Jera

  • Decadent chocolate cake with pedestal donated by Phyllis

  • Temple Print by artist Melissa
  • Raspberry and Strawberry jam

  • Taxidermied Pintail Duck donated by Leon
  • Little girls apron made by Jan (Danyelle says it is sooo cute!)

  • Little girls dresses made by Glenda (Danyelle's mom)

  • Homemade turtles by Sarah
  • Little girls skirt and hair clips made by Julie

That is just a sampling of some of the homemade donated items that will be available to bid on.

Hope to see you ALL there!