Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cleaning Tips

It is spring cleaning time for me (I know I'm a little behind, but I've been busy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) I have heard and read many cleaning tips, some that worked, and some that didn't. I've been wondering if any of you have great shortcuts or wonder products that you love.
I only have TWO great tips. I'll share mine with you if you will share yours with me.
This is my favorite cleaning tip ever. The easiest way to clean a microwave is to place a bowl of water filled with a sliced lemon in your microwave and cook for 10 minutes. Then leave the bowl in the microwave to steam for another 10-20 minutes. When you come back to your microwave, the gunk which was encrusted on the sides and tops of the inside of your microwave will now be moistened and ready to be wiped down. I love this tip because it also leaves your microwave smelling lemony fresh and you didn't have to use any chemicals.

My favorite miracle product is a sponge called the Xtreme Sponge, which is similar to the Mr. Clean eraser sponge only WAY better. This sponge can remove almost anything from your walls, counters, furniture, basically anything with a hard surface. Even vinyl, leather interior, and plastic. I have removed permanent marker from my walls, and counters. It really is a miracle! They are inexpensive and last for a fairly long time. Again, no chemicals needed!

So, I am hoping that you clean freaks have some great tips and shortcuts for me. In particular, exterior windows, carpets, wood blinds. Those areas need some special attention here at my household!