Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pinch Me!

Have you ever experienced one of those moments that just don't seem real? Like you are frozen in time? You pinch yourself, and are forced to realize that this IS really happening.

That's where I'm at today.

So yesterday afternoon, my mom calls me and I can't find the cordless phone so I just answer the speakerphone. She says, "So I want tickets to see Michael (Buble) in New York on Monday." I am not quite sure why she is saying this because I mean, come on, get real. Tickets to see Michael....on NYC? ......right. So we continue talking and suddenly she repeats herself, this time I hear her correctly, she said "I WON tickets to see Michael in New York on Monday."

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Are you serious? I feel faint. I feel nauseous. I am going to pass out. My mom just won tickets to see Michael Buble in NYC on Monday. And she wants me to go with her.

I am not sure I have mentioned here before my immense desire to go to NYC. It is the #2 spot on my vacation wishlist (#1 is Europe, I know I have mentioned that.) So not only do I leave for my #2 vacation spot in TWO days, I am going to an exclusive album launch party on Monday night where my mother and I will be serenaded by the radiant Michael Buble. *sigh*

There are so many things I need to figure out before I go.....

  • First, how do I get rid of the intense guilt I feel for going to NYC without my best bud Danyelle. She totally deserves to go. After all, SHE is the one who introduced Michael to ME way back in 2003! Life isn't fair. I need one more ticket for her. But if that doesn't pan out, I need to purchase something chic and fabulous for her while I am there. What do you desire Danyelle?

  • What the heck am I going to wear? Well actually I should be worrying more about where we are going to sleep. Hotels in NYC are outlandishly expensive. Like, they average $250-500 a night. We can find something cheaper if we get farther away from the action and interest of midtown, but I just wonder if we will end up paying a fortune for taxi fares, or if we will spend all of our precious little time in a taxi cab with a man named Abu! If we had more time to plan this trip we might be able to get answers to these questions, but we leave at 6am Saturday morning. I know. I am freaking out too!

  • What the heck am I going to wear? Now I can worry about that. But really I don't have much time to shop before I go because I have four kids who all need to be different places today, and my house needs some cleaning and organizing before I go. Oh my gosh, what am I going to wear?

  • We will arrive in NYC on Saturday evening and will depart NYC on Tuesday afternoon. So as you can imagine this will be a whirlwind visit to the big apple, and we need to prioritize what we would like to do. First on our list is broadway. We insist on seeing a show. Will we be able to get tickets? I hope so. We are hoping to see Wicked, but Phantom, Chicago, Hairspray, The Color Purple, The Lion King. All of these would work for me. Ok, maybe we will need to see two shows.

  • What other must see spots should we add to our list. Anyone have advice?

  • I need a good book to read on the plane. I finished "The Glass Castle" on the way back from Dallas and it was excellent. I need some ideas.

I never imagined that when I finally was able to travel to NYC that I would only have 2 days to plan the trip, and that I would only have 2 1/2 days to spend there, but it is what it is and I am so grateful for the opportunity, but I am freaking out a little bit, and I need some solid advice!

I must also mention that I have the greatest Mom on the planet, she is amazingly generous and we have so much fun together, so I am really looking forward to going. Thanks Mom, I LOVE YOU!

*****************On a totally different note, I must mention American Idol last night. I thought Carrie Underwood stole the show. That peice about her visit to Africa was so touching and her version of "I'll Stand By You" was stinkin' awesome. I also thought Kelly Clarkson's performance was great. Not to boast, but, I totally predicted the results. I figured they wouldn't send someone home, that would just be a tacky way to end the show. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good show. What did you think?