Saturday, March 17, 2007

"True" Friends

True friends tell you the truth. No matter what! Well, that's what I like to think, anyways. When someone sits down in front of me on Sundays and their tag is sticking out, I kindly tuck it back in. When someone has something foreign stuck in their hair, I kindly remove it for them. Wasn't that you Danyelle who had some smudged mascara the other day? What did I do? I kindly wiped it away. If your bra accidentally peeks out, I will tell you. You would do the same, right?

Yesterday, my sis-in-law & I took our kiddos to the park to enjoy the sunshine. (Karen, I saw your hubby and kids there, and your new house. Man it looks like it is almost done! Yay for you.) Anyways we chatted and chatted with each other, played with the kids, so on and so on. So I get home and am getting ready to go back into town with my husband for a date. I look in the mirror and smile, (don't you smile when you look in the mirror?)


What the heck? I had the most ginormous piece of lettuce stuck in my tooth! Right in the front. I couldn't believe it! She didn't say a word! How could she sit there and talk to me for an hour and a half and not say a word? I mean seriously, we're supposed to be friends.

So anyways, I'm in the car with Brandon and the kids heading to my Mom's to drop them off. I'm telling Brandon about this and how I couldn't believe she didn't say anything. Just then Madeline pipes up and says, "Oh yeah, I saw that stuck in your tooth before we got to her house". She giggles.


ARE YOU SERIOUS? You're my own daughter!

Then Jocelyn has the nerve to say, "Oh yeah, I saw it too". They both giggle.


I'm speechless. I thought I had taught my girls better. What is the point of having pre-teen daughters if they can't even tell you that you have a monstrous piece of lettuce stuck in your tooth? I mean, really. What. Is. The. Point.

What makes this situation even more embarrassing is that while we were at the park, Lily came and sat down on my lap, (nope she didn't tell me either) and I noticed that her teeth weren't very clean and I began commenting to my sis-in-law about how she doesn't brush her teeth very well and she always misses a couple of spots. I can only imagine the laughter she held inside as she was staring at the massive piece of lettuce in my teeth, listening to me talk about how my daughter really should brush her teeth better. UUGGHH!

So why do I divulge this very fresh, very painful, very embarrassing story?

To encourage all of you out there in blogland to be that "True" friend who tells the truth. No matter what.

After all, "That's What Friends Are For".