Friday, March 23, 2007

Pet Peeves

I generally try to keep things positive, happy, light, and uplifting here at Passionista! Not today though. I need to vent. There are some things in life that just IRRITATE me. Such as...

1. People who do not take a free right turn, especially when there is a specific lane to do so. I suppose their reasoning might be that they want to "make sure" that all is clear. Whatever! When there is a free right lane, they are just asking to be rear-ended by people smart enough to know that you don't need to stop. Notice: I have never been in a car accident, so obviously I am a good driver and know what I am talking about!

2. People who say they don't like something, when they haven't even tried it, or read it, or tasted it, or listened to it. Try it, read it, taste it, listen to it. Then decide.

3. People who have dogs (or cats), and let them roam the neighborhood to poop in MY yard, so that I have to clean it up. Or let them roam in MY yard and knock over MY garbage can, so that I have to clean it up. HOW RUDE! (yes, I'm yelling)

4. Parents who do not teach their children basic manners. If I take a child somewhere, they should say thank-you. If I feed a child, they should say thank-you. If I invite them to spend the night at my house, they should say thank-you, not just walk out the door without even a smile. Disclaimer: My children are far from perfect, however, I try to teach them and remind them often to say "Please", and "Thank-you". Am I being too harsh or has common courtesy flown the coop?

5. This one inspired this really negative (sorry) post. I absolutely hate it when a company changes or discontinues a product. I have used the same lipstick brand and color for almost 4 years. I love it. It is Mary Kay's Raisinberry Lipstick. I loved everything about it. The color, the smell, the texture, the quality. So what did they do? They changed it. I am so mad. Now it resembles a more orangy, pinkish, brownish, purplish color that is disgusting. What is more disgusting is the taste and texture. It tastes awful and coats my mouth with this thick, horrible film that I can't get rid of all day, even after the color has been gone from my lips for hours. To put it bluntly, it SUCKS! Why do they do this? I'm sure it has to do with their bottom line, and making themselves more money. Well, it irritates me. I've had enough. I will not buy their product anymore!

Now, I realize that there are definitely things that I do that annoy people, I am not perfect, obviously, I'm still here aren't I? But every now and then, a person just needs to get a few things of her chest. Whew! I feel much better......

Well, except for this annoying, horrible taste that I can't get out of my mouth.