Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Momma's Got a Brand New Bag

It's funny how things workout sometimes. Almost 2 weeks ago, I posted some links that I enjoy. I had no idea that recommending some fun websites might change someones life. No, I'm not being dramatic. Okay, maybe a little.

But really, that's how my Mom feels. Several months ago my Mom quit her job at the city and has been pondering what she might do to supplement their income. She was keeping her mind open and just hoping that she would find something she could be passionate about.

Enter my recommendation to Urban Botanic. She fell in love with the idea that you could create your own custom scent, and immediately began corresponding with a UB representative. She was really excited about the opportunity, and called me that same day while I was cleaning up the primary activity day. She is now the newest Urban Botanic Representative. Hear about it in her own words...

"I have a new line of work too, although it is hard to consider work of something that is so much fun. I found a new company called Urban Botanic (thank you daughter Marilyn) and am officially a custom fragrance designer. That's right a custom fragrance designer! Move over J Lo and Sarah Jessica, everyone can have their own custom fragrance. Everyone (male & female) can design their own scent and apply it to a parfum spray, body lotion & bath product. Way cool! Getting married, design a scent to mark your wedding day. Having a baby, design a scent to mark the birth of a child. Anniversary.... you name it. Scent inscribes a memory to a specific part of your brain and just one whiff and you are back in the moment.

Right now I am the only designer in this area. So if anyone is interested in a custom fragrance, having a party or looking for a fun line of work give me a call. Visit my website at www.urbanbotanic.com/tamara."

I'm pretty proud of my Mom, and I know that she will be successful and have a lot of fun helping people create custom scents. Congratulations Mom!

Today's song of the day is The Eagles' Desperado. I love this song and many more from The Eagles. Enjoy!