Monday, March 19, 2007

A Great Day

I am a loyal Michael Buble fan. So a day like today is beyond exciting. Case in point...

  • Today, fans will have the opportunity to listen to the full length version of Michael's new single "Everything". I already know I will LOVE it because, like I said, I am a loyal fan! Plus it's Michael. He could sing the phone book and I would love it.

  • Today, fans will get a sneak peek at the entire album song listing. I am stoked about this one. I seriously can't wait to see what will be on that album.

*****UPDATE****** Here is the album track list:

  • 1 The Best is Yet to Come
  • 2 Me and Mrs. Jones
  • 3 I'm Your Man
  • 4 Call Me Irresponsible
  • 5 Lost
  • 6 Comin' Home Baby
  • 7 It Had Better Be Tonight
  • 8 Wonderful Tonight
  • 9 Everything
  • 10 Always on my Mind
  • 11 I've Got the World on a String
  • 12 That's Life
  • 13 Dream

  • Today, fans can enjoy new video of the adorable and hilarious Michael himself.

  • Today, anyone who desires, can go here and see little snippets and sneak previews of the new album, new songs, new videos, and so on. The box on the upper left corner will automatically begin to reveal these new images and sounds. Make sure you have the volume up, it is awesome!

  • Today, those who wish to preview the title track of Michael's new album "Call Me Irresponsible", only needs to go here to listen to it. It is amazing! It is about 43 minutes into the two hour program. Just hit the fast forward buttons until you get to it!

  • Today is the day before tomorrow, when iTunes will have Michael's new song "Everything" available to purchase. Yes, I will be up until midnight to be first in line purchasing the single. Like I said, I am a loyal fan.

What? Are you laughing at me? What? You think I am a huge dork? Well, maybe I am, but NOBODY can say I'm not loyal!

In honor of such an exciting day, well week actually, this will be Michael Buble week here at Passionista! All Michael music all week. Enjoy!