Thursday, March 1, 2007

Crazy March

So here is March 1st and already it is "CRAZY"! This morning I woke up feeling horrible, like I had been hit by a MAC truck. I think I have a sinus infection. Anyways, that meant that I didn't get straight to the computer this morning as I usually do. I waited until about 9:30, and internet. Dumb phone company working on lines or something. Bummer!

So here I am, posting at 1:50pm. The day is half over and I am realizing that it is "crazy" how much I "love" blogging and all of my blogging friends. I know it's only been a few hours, but I still missed you all!

March is also "crazy" because of how many birthdays there are in our family this month.
7 birthdays.
But I "love" each one of them so here is a big Happy Birthday from me to them.......

Happy Birthday Jeremy (today)
Happy Birthday Jadon (today)
Happy Birthday Bethany (March 3rd)
Happy Birthday Ethan (March 11th, my little cutie pie will get an entire post just for him)
Happy Birthday Kary (March 14th)
Happy Birthday Auntie MariLynn (March 29th)
Happy Birthday Uncle Brian (March 30th)

Once you throw in friends birthdays, it is a "crazy" month. But we "love" to celebrate, so bring it on! The song of the day is "Crazy Love" by the great Van Morrison. Enjoy!