Tuesday, March 6, 2007


{Dear ETHAN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I know that this is about 5 days early, but it’s the only time I have. Wow I can’t believe you are 8 years old, and you get to be baptized, That is so cool! I hope your birthday is awesome! I love you soooooo much BOY!!
Love your uncle,


This is what my e-mail beheld yesterday morning. I cried. There is something so VERY special about this relationship between Ethan and Taylor. I can't really describe it, yet I will try. They love each other in a way that I haven't really seen people love each other before. They are uncle and nephew. But still, they love each other so deeply.

Taylor began calling Ethan, "Boy", almost from the start. It just stuck. Now we all call him boy. On one of Ethan's school projects, he was asked what his mom would say when she walked into his room, he wrote...

"Boy, clean your room!"

Taylor and Ethan love a lot of the same things, maybe Ethan loves them because Taylor loves them. It doesn't really matter, it just binds them closer together.

This picture was taken the night before Taylor left for his mission in Africa. They are both sad. This picture makes me sad. and happy.

At almost 8 years old, Africa seems so far away, and one more year seems even farther, but I am grateful that Ethan has Taylor and that Taylor has Ethan.