Thursday, March 29, 2007

American Idol

So what is going on with American Idol this season? I mean, it is just weird. I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this season, who you like, who you can't stand. Cause I'm gonna tell you how I feel. Right now.
I like Blake, Lakisha, Chris, Melinda, Gina, Jordin. But I don't like any of them to care enough which one wins. Any of them would be fine with me. Last year, I was a Katharine fan all the way. I could cheer for her. This year, I don't really care. What I do care about is that there are people out there voting for someone like Sanjaya. Whether they are voting for him because they hate American Idol, or they are voting for him because they like him, either way, it is messed up.
If you don't like American Idol, then don't watch it. Maliciously voting for the worst person, is stupid, and immature, and un-American. If you like Sanjaya and are voting for him, then maybe you need to go see a therapist! The kid is not an "American Idol". While he stays on the show, people who actually have talent and ability are leaving, way too soon, ie. Chris Sligh, Sabrina Sloan, Brandon Rogers. Who will be next?
There are other things that are weird about this year, like the little sobbing girl that was trying way too hard to get on television, and the viewer questions. Those viewer questions are not doing it for me. They are boring and uninteresting. Aaaahh, a lightbulb moment. That could be the theme for this year, boring and uninteresting. I love this show, but this year has just been dull.....and weird.
What do you think, I can't wait to hear..........