Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rants, Raves, & Random Ramblings

First I will rave. We took the kids to see "Bridge to Terabithia" yesterday. The movie was awesome! I loved it. I liked it A LOT better that Narnia. It has a sad ending though and Lily was bawling, I mean bawling, because she was so sad! Poor Lily.

Now I will rant. We had the unfortunate experience of sitting behind the most annoying woman to ever step foot in a theatre. She had the loudest, weirdest laugh ever, and she would laugh at inappropriate parts of the movie, and she had obviously never heard of whispering. She also felt the need to narrate the entire movie, very loudly. Brandon sshhhsshhed(sp?) her several times to no avail! At one point she even told her child to be quiet, but still continued to be SO RUDE for the remainder of the movie.
So my questions are, what is wrong with people? And what would you do in this situation? And why are people like that? Help me understand!
(I apologize to Danyelle & Alicia, who will read this on the family website as well, but I need more input on this topic.)
Now for the random ramblings...Alicia asked for lists of blogs we visit, so scroll down and see my list. You're all there! .......Today's song is "Bewitched" , just as requested. More Ella will continue throughout the week...Check out Jocelyn's new adorable pixie haircut. I didn't want her to cut it, but she has exercised her free agency and I think she was right, because she looks lovely!