Saturday, February 17, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

I've been thinking a lot lately about this stage of life that Brandon & I are entering. This fall our last child will start kindergarten, and there are so many feelings associated with this upcoming event. I'm sad, excited, scared, all at the same time.
One thing that I regret as a mother, is that I have not recorded all of the cute and funny things that my children have said over the years. And now, I can't remember them all. Just the other day, Lily called a cupcake a "pupcake", and I quickly told Brandon not to correct her, because I just want this stage to last a little longer. Soon she will pronounce things correctly, and she will officially be a big girl, but for now, she can say things however she wants.
So just for the sake of recording those precious few things I can remember, here's a few more cute tidbits...
  • Madeline & Jocelyn have always said "patapakes" instead of pancakes.
  • Lily called her dance recital "American Recital", kind of like American Idol.
  • Sometimes I still catch Madeline or Jocelyn say "paint nolish" rather than nail polish.
  • Lily says "I wiln't" instead of "I won't". I think it is a combination of I will not.
  • We used to hear Lily say, "Can I watch a woovie?", "woovie" meaning movie of course.

See, isn't that horrible? I can't remember anything else. I know there are a ton more, and hopefully I can recall them over time, and as I do, I will add them to this list, for history's sake.

The moral of the story is: Record those precious things your children say, for someday you will regret the ones you've forgotten.