Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good Ol' Burbank

Reading Kim's blog, about her trip to Georgia, helped me reflect on the town I live in. It is small, rural and a great place to raise kids. When I was in high school, I was envious of the kids who grew up in the country. It just seemed fun, and special, and close-knit. That country life is what I wanted for myself, and now that I have that country life, I should embrace it, right? So today's post is all about embracing this little ol' town of Burbank!

Even though we are only minutes from the Tri-Cities, it feels farther. There are no fast-food joints, car washes, or car dealerships. We do, however, have a dance studio, post office, library, hair salon, one restaurant (Roadhouse has the biggest and best burgers, stop in and try them sometime!), two, count them, two gas stations, a nursery (thanks to my hubby), our organic blueberry farm (thanks to my hubby's family), one of the best parks in the Tri-Cities (Hood Park), a family fishing pond and the very beautiful McNary Wildlife Refuge (kids love this place).

McNary National Wildlife Refuge

We here in Burbank are very proud of our schools. We have our own district called Columbia School District, and some of the best teachers imaginable, teach right here in Burbank!
Go Coyotes!

Generations of families live here and that leads to a very close-knit community. The Burbank ward is the friendliest ward I have ever been in, and they all feel like family to me.

Living here, I don't worry much about my kids roaming this neighborhood. Many of our neighbors are either LDS, or family. There are 5 teachers who live on our street, and it just feels safe. Kids ride their motor bikes, and 4-wheelers around, and greeting neighbors on horseback is a regular occurance.

At night, when I go outside, I hear the coyotes howling, we see bald eagles, pelicans, and blue herons almost daily. Much of the landscape is farmland, and I think it is beautiful. I love this small town. It feels like home to me.

Burbank Fog and Cattle

The Numbers on Burbank:
- Population: 3,303
- Race Statistics: White Non-Hispanic (86.4%)
- Hispanic (9.9%)
- Other race (5.8%)
- 79.8% of the population 25 years and older have an education of High School or higher.
- 70% of the population 18 years and over are married.
- Average resident age is 35 years, average income is $50,522, average home value is $131,900. - Columbia Elementary: 436 Students
- Columbia Middle School: 232 Students
- Columbia High School: 301 Students
(As you can see, no overcrowding problems here)

If you've never been to Burbank, head our way, and check out the highlights!