Sunday, January 28, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

As I have been making my "100" list, I realized there were some patterns developing. So I am going to do this a little differently. Here goes...

My Top 10 Favorites
1. My Savior Jesus Christ
2. Date nights with Brandon
3. Discovering Madeline getting into my card making supplies to make someone a card
4. Hearing Jocelyn say "Mudder, I saw a fedder"(you'd have to be there)
5. Watching Ethan shoot his BB gun with that adorable smile on his face
6. Knowing that the 1st words out of Lily's mouth EVERY morning will be "Mom, can I have some juice?"
7. Sunday dinners at Mom & Dad's house
8. Christmas; the sounds, the smells, the people, the movies, the music, but most of all the reason
9. Having Danyelle for a best friend
10. Seeing the smiles and getting hugs from the primary children

10 Things that rarely happen, but I wish they would happen more often
1. Being with my entire family, Dad, Mom, Mitch, Nan, Camden, Jack, Marshall, Kary, Amelia, Elyse
2. Surprises from Brandon
3. Snowy no-school days
4. Naps (Sundays are usually the only day naps happen to me)
5. Being home alone when my house is quiet and clean
6. Not waking up to an alarm clock
7. Making cards all day
8. Falling asleep by the fireplace
9. Getting a pedicure
10. Lazy Saturday's watching movies with the kids

10 Things that I like about myself
1. I play the piano
2. My hair color (I've only highlighted my hair once before, won't do it again unless I HAVE to)
3. My greenish colored eyes
4. My first name, I think it's pretty. I'm not too fond of my middle name though.
5. I'm pretty open minded (I hope!)
6. I'm from an amazing family
7. I'm crafty
8. I cry during most movies
9. I don't wear very much makeup
10. I have hairy arms (saying this is like going through 30 hours of therapy, in High School I shaved my arms because I was so embarrassed. Yep this is a breakthrough.)

5 Things I've Never Done
1. I've never broken a bone
2. I've never had a cavity/filling
3. I've never tried drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes
4. I've never been to another church (Some say I'm naive, or have been sheltered, but I consider this a blessing)
5. I've never had a manicure

My top 10 Favorite Foods
1. Breakfast- Mom's eggs benedict with asparagus (yummmmmy)
2. Mormon potatoes, funeral potatoes, scalloped potatoes, whatever you want to call them. They're delish! The ultimate comfort food.
3. Olive Garden's Black tie Mousse
4. Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter Chocolate
5. Maggie Moo's chocolate better batter with mixed nuts and chocolate sprinkles
6. Cheesecake Factory's Avacado Eggrolls and Buffalo Chicken Salad (roadtrip anyone?)
7. My Mother-in-laws german chocolate pie
8. Quiznos classic cob flatbread salad
9. Red Robins BBQ chicken wrap with a side salad
10. VERY dark 70% cocoa, just let it melt in your mouth.

10 Things I wouldn't want to live without (in random order)
1. my iPod
2. a cell phone
3. lipstick or chapstick
4. Orbit whitening gum
5. blockbuster online
6. mustard-any kind; hot, sweet, spicy, deli
7. black clothes
8. my pajamas
9. my computer
10. my digital camera

10 Domestic Things About Me
1. I love to organize closets and cupboards, I despise doing laundry and dishes
2. Having a clean bedroom and a made bed causes me to be very cheerful
3. I like to decorate my house, I'm not the best decorator, I'm just OK
4. I love Tide with Febreeze Spring Renewal laundry detergent
5. Tyler candles makes a home perfume called Panache. I love the smell and the name
6. I splurged on really nice sheets for my bed, and they are worth every penny
7. I love candles, my favorite is Henri Bendel Home Vanilla Bean
8. I decorate my house very symmetrically. I would like to be more a-symmetrical, but I can't seem to pull it off.
9. I love botanical prints, the smell of grapefruit cleaners, and baskets
10. I enjoy looking at houseplans and nitpicking why they would never work for me

10 Things I Like to Wear
1. black and grey clothes
2. pajamas
3. cute shoes
4. Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume
5. Mary Kay Raisinberry lipstick
6. temple clothes (they are so comfortable)
7. comfortable clothes (my motto is "comfort before fashion")
8. my electric blanket (I don't really wear it, but I love to sleep under it)
9. jewelry Danyelle has made
10. my contacts (I am so blind that without contacts or glasses, I can see practically nothing. Laser eye surgery is definitely in my future, however)

My 10 favorite songs or albums
1. Over the Rainbow- This is my favorite song ever. I have 14 different versions by different artists.
2. Michael Buble- It's Time. This album is amazing, only 4 more months until his new album.
3. Greatest Love of All- Whitney Houston. This song gives me chills, and reminds me of my childhood.
4. Lullaby of Birdland- Ella Fitzgerald. It is really hard to pick my favorite Ella song, but after hearing this song, it sticks in my head and I can't get it out.
5. My All- Mariah Carey. This is one of the most beautiful songs.
6. Rosemary Clooney- Love Songs. I love every song on this album.
7. All By Myself- Eric Carmen. One of the best songs to turn the volume up all the way, and sing, sing, sing.
8. Too Young- Nat King Cole. This song remimds me of when I got engaged 2 weeks before High School graduation and a teacher told me it would never work out, and that I was too young to get married. 13 years later, I want to tell him he was wrong.
9. Moon River- Audrey Hepburn. I love this song. I love this movie. I love Audrey Hepburn.
10. Joshua Bell- Romance of the Violin. This album makes me happy. I wish I knew how to play the violin.

And one more for good measure...
11. If You Really Love Me- Stevie Wonder. This is good housework music. I absolutely LOVE this song!

5 Favorite Places to Go
1. Oregon Coast
2. My parents house. It is so cozy and my mom is the best decorator ever!
3. church. I love my ward, my Bishop, my Primary Counselors
4. shopping for paper and card supplies
5. Europe. I have been to Scotland, but I really dream of traveling throughout Europe on a daily basis.

Miscellaneous Tidbits
1. I love reading the B.O.M. and the Ensign.
2. I love how looking at pictures from your childhood can transport you back to that time.
3. My husband calls me "Bunches", he always has, I hope he always does.
4. I love watching fireworks with my Mom and my kids because they "ooooh and aaahhh" so much.
5. Some of my favorite albums to listen to are movie soundtracks. I love the way they remind me of that particular movie, and sometimes I will try to remember the part of the movie each song is from. A few of my favorites are Mona Lisa Smile, Hope Floats, My Best Friends Wedding, Pride & Prejudice, A Lot Like Love, Grease, Return to Me, Moulin Rouge and Message in a Bottle.
6. My favorite flower is lilacs for their smell, but my favorite color of flower is pink.
7. I love to hear Brandon tell stories about his mission to Scotland.
8. My mom teaches me so much and loves me unconditionally.
9. My favorite tv shows are American Idol and Man vs. Wild. I realize that these are two polar opposites, but their both addictive and entertaining. Honorable mention goes to So You Think You Can Dance and My Name is Earl.
10. I love to make cd's for people.
11. Living in a small town is awesome.
12. I love old things that have a story behind them. Especially small things.
13. I love General Conference. Is there anything better than listening to President Hinckley on your couch, in your pajamas?
14. I love new cars.
15. Playing games with Brandon's family is really fun.
16. I love getting cards or notes in the mail.
17. One thing I love about my Dad is that he gets so excited about certain things and he reminds me of a little child. He makes me smile a lot.
18. One of my favorite things to do is go on the Parade of Homes.
19. I wear a shade shirt everyday.
20. Watching my kids play is one of my greatest joys.
21. My parents have a beautiful yard, and one of my favorite things is the dogwood tree in their backyard.
22. I love my wedding dress. It is a beautiful classic style. But if I could go back and redo anything, I would wear a different veil.
23. I love the Wonder Pets. I think it is the cutest kids show.
24. My Grandma Scott was an awesome grandmother. I miss her a lot.
25. My kids have great names that fit them so well.
26. I learn best when object lessons and analogies are used.
27. I admire my husband because he is so good at setting and reaching goals. He is a go-getter.
28. I am grateful for the knowledge that my grandparents who have passed away have the opportunity to hear the gospel and will most likely accept it. I have faith.

10 Favorite photos Top Left to Right:

1. Me and my brothers being silly. Good Memories for me.
2. Our engagement picture. When we used to be "very, very, good looking" and skinny!
3. This is one of my favorite pictures EVER. Madeline had such curly, curly hair and she was such a spitting image of her daddy.
4. I think this school picture of Madeline is great. She is beautiful.
5. Jocelyn. That blonde hair, blue eyes, and adorable smile.
6. Mr. Ethan Potato Head.
7. Ethan with his new BB gun. I just love that face.
8. Lily. My little princess.
9. Madeline and Michael Buble. 2 thoughts about this picture: A. Madeline looks so grown up.
B. What an amazing night that was!
10. Jocelyn being her hilarious self and making me laugh so hard I could barely take the picture.