Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Great Sink Challenge of January 30, 2007, part 1

Well, where do I begin? I have a dirty little secret. Well maybe not so much a secret as a problem. I am not good at dishes. And I have been issued a challenge. By my dear friend Danyelle.

This morning I was complaining to Danyelle that I never can seem to stay on top of the dishes. I complained that there are just too many, and that it must be the amount of people who eat in this house. Excuse after excuse. She, being the true friend that she is, told me very gently that the problem was me. I have a bad habit, and I need to correct it. She told me that I need to stop thinking of the sink as a place to hold dirty dishes. She told me that this is what dishwashers are for. What a novel idea! She said I need to retrain myself and my family to place dirty dishes into the dishwasher instead of the sink.

So, I have accepted the challenge to keep my sink dish free this week. I hope that this habit will roll into next week and the next.

To be sure that I don't back down from the challenge, I took a before photo, which is embarassing and self-incriminating, and an after photo, which is refreshing and makes me happy. So I begin this challenge with a clean slate and a clean sink. I hope I can do it. Danyelle even threatened unannounced visits to check up on me, now THAT is motivation.